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Garden Fresh

"The Whole Shebang" Salad - We give this one the works, and that's sayin' sumthin'! We load kuntry-fried steak, fried chicken n' Calabash-style shrimp into a big bed of fresh lettuce with croutons, t'maters, onions, carrots, cheese, hard-boiled egg wedges an' a breadstick.  


Your Choice Salad - Ya gotta pick n' choose with this one: we'll top a big bed of lettuce with croutons, t'maters, onions, carrots, cheese, hard-boiled egg wedges, a breadstick and your choice of Kuntry-Fried Steak, Calabash Shrimp, Fried or Grilled Chicken Breast.


Garden Patch Salad  - Crispy lettuce tossed with t'maters, carrots, onions and croutons sized to suit yore appetite.


BLT Salad - Crispy lettuce tossed with t'maters, bacon bits, croutons and eggs. Served up with saltine soda crackers. 


Salad Dressins' - Homer's Favorite Buttermilk Dressin'  *  Raspberry Vinaigrette  *  Bleu Cheese  *  Thousand Island  *  Honey-Mustard



Great fer lunch or anytime of the day. Served with yore choice of one homestyle veggie.  Add cheese or bacon fer a bit more.


Our Famous Kuntry-Fried Steak Samwich - It's a doozey! Kuntry-fried steak with lettuce, t'maters an' our dressin' on a fresh bun.  Best samwich in town!


Grilled Sausage Samwich - Big 'ol smoked sausage (split in half fer extra flavor) grilled an' stuffed into a toasted bun with some tast-ee samwich sauce, lettuce n' t'maters.


Whitefish Fee-Lay Samwich  - It's a gonna make ya as wild as a junebug on a string! Mild flaky whitefish fee-lay topped with cheese, lettuce an' tartar sauce, caught on a fresh bun. Have it yore way grilled or fried.


Doc McCoy's Chicken Samwich - Doc's pick of the litter! Boneless chicken breast breaded an' fried or grilled plain an' simple, laid out onna bun with lettuce, t'maters and mayo.  Git the real thang!


Shrimp PoBoy Samwich - Dee-lishus fried shrimp served with lettuce, t'maters, an' tartar sauce.


Half-Pound PoChuck Burger - Git yoreself some downrite good eatin' when ya order this half-pound of USDA chuck steak, specially seasoned an' stacked with lettuce, t'maters an' mayo on a big big bun.


Grandma's Chicken Dinners

We got the best recipes from Grandma's recipe box and we're offerin' y'all some plain 'ol good eatin'!  Each and every one comes with your pick of two homestyle veggies, an' choice of warm breadstick, yeller cornbread, hushpuppies or a bisket just popped out of th' oven.


Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken - One bite of this crispy, moist chicken and you'll be shoutin' hallelujah! We're fillin' up yore plate with a breast, thigh, leg and wang. 


Two-Piece Chicken Dinner - just a bit less, additional for specified breast.


Nekkid Chicken Breast (Boneless) - If yer thinkin' healthy we'll simply grill this tender chicken breast an' serve it nekked  or dressed up with barbee-que sauce.   If yer cravin' down-home, we can give it a coat of breadin' and throw it in the fryer.


Chicken Tender Dinner  - We heard company's comin' so we rolled these fresh chicken tenders in our special seasoned breadin' an' fried 'em up special fer ya!  Served up with honey mustard or barbee-que sauce fer darn good dippin!


Chicken Livers or Gizzards - Sometimes ya just get a hankerin' fer these crispy critters.  We dust 'em up with seasoned breadin' an' serve 'em hot from the fryer.


Chicken n' Dumplins - We saved the best fer last!  Take yore fork to a big ol' bowl of satisfyin' dumplins ladled up with chunks of slow cooked chicken.  





From The Ol' Fishin' Hole

When  the fishermen come in we're buyin' the best, just fer you! What do ya git with these catches?  Two homestyle veggies, choice of bread an' sea sauces make 'em just 'bout perfect!


Whitefish Dinner - Two generous whitefish fillets, tender n' flaky, your choice of fried, grilled or blackened.


Seafood Combo - Make yore own combo with yore pick of any two:

* Fried, Blackened or Grilled Whitefish

* Calabash-Style Shrimp

* Jumbo Shrimp

* Fried Catfish (Bone-in)

* Clams

* Krab Cakes 


Catfish Platter - Kiss my grits if this ain't the purtiest platter of whole, bone-in catfish you ever laid a fork to!  Comes 2 Piece or 3 Piece, yore choice!


Shrimp n' Grits -  12 dee-lishus jumbo shrimp fried golden brown, grilled, or blackened, dependin' on how you like 'em. Served with cheese grits topped with bacon and even comes with dee-lishus hushpuppies.


Jumbo Shrimp Dinner - 12 dee-lishus jumbo shrimp fried golden brown, grilled, or blackened, dependin' on how you like 'em.


Calabash Shrimp - Dee-lishus, tender, bite-sized shrimp fried golden brown Calabash-style! 


PoFolks Clam Fry - A heap o' hot an' crispy clams, three-quarters of a pound in all. Git em' half-pound too!


Krab Cake Dinner - Sweet krab meat seasoned an' pattied inta two cakes! 





Homestyle Veggies

Dinners come with two veggies, an' ya can git an extree one for  just a little more. If y'druther, ya can trade a side choice fer a salad or fried green t'maters 


Here is a list of our veggies available every day: French Fries * Cabbage * Coleslaw * Fried Okra * Red Beans n' Rice * Macaroni n' Cheese * Sliced T'maters * Baked Apples * Cottage Cheese * Black-Eyed Peas * Rice n' Gravy * Turnip Greens * Applesauce * Corn on the Cob * Baked Beans * Green Beans * Baked Po-Tater * Po-Tater Salad * Mashed Po-Taters * Cheese Grits





Eatin' High On Th' Hawg! 

This here's homestyle cookin' like it otta be.  We shore are proud ta serve ya our best!  These fine dinners come with yore pick of two homestyle veggies, an' choice of warm breadstick, yeller cornbread, hushpuppies or a bisket just popped right outa th' oven.


Our Famous Kuntry-Fried Steak Dinner - Nuthin's more "kuntry" than our kuntry-fried steak! Folks who know good cookin' keep comin' back fer this'n: two slabs of tender beef steak rolled 'round in our special breadin' an' fried up golden.  Served with plenty of rich creamy gravy. Pure goodness. An if'n yore not that hongry? Dig into a one-piece dinner fer a bit less.


Pork Chop Dinner - Folks, it jest don' get any better'n this! Two center-cut 6-ounce chops from the finest hawgs this side of the Big Muddy.  Served with our rich creamy gravy.  Subscribe ta how ya want 'em cooked: Fried, Grilled, or Barbee-cued. Eat hearty now. One-Chop dinner fer a bit less.


One- Chop Dinner 


Beef Tips n' Rice - The most mouth-waterin' savory beef tips n' gravy ya ever sunk yer dentures into! Served over some fluffy white rice that'll make ya think ya jest died n' went ta heaven!


Grilled Beef Liver n' Onions - Enjoy a tender half-pound of this Southern specialty.


Kuntry Cookin' Combo - Choose yore own two differn't favorites:

* Kuntry-Fried Steak

* Fried Chicken Livers ofr Gizzards

* 2-Piece Fried Chicken (specified breast additional)

* Fried , Blackened, Grilled,  or Barbbee-qued Pork Chop

* Chicken Tenders Chicken Tenders



9oz. New York Strip Steak - Yore just lickin' yore lips thinkin' how good our fresh Certified Angus Beef is goin' ta taste!  Grilled ta yore likin' an' seasoned with our secret blend of spices.  Mouth waterin' dee-lishusness.


Ground Chuck Steak - A half-pound of USDA chuck steak, carefully seasoned, smothered with grilled onions an' creamy brown gravy.  


Po Forks

These  belly-fillin' specials will leave ya plum satisfied without emptyin' yore pockets.  Served with yore choice of breadstick, cornbread, hushpuppies or a fresh-baked bisket. 


Po Plate - Choose four of yore favorite veggies an' we'll serve 'em up!


Bowl of Veggies - Choose one of yore favorite homestyle veggies an' we'll serve 'em up in a bowl to ya with yer choice of bread.


Chicken n' Dumplins - Tender chunks of chicken plum full of flavor cooked up with some of the best strip dumplins ya ever stuck in yore mouth. 





Dee-lishus Dee-serts


So dee-lishus, you'll be smilin' like a billy goat in a briar patch.


Apple Mountain Sundae - Warm, baked apples coated with cinnamon sugar 'an topped with niller ice cream, caramel 'an whipped cream. Served on a cinnamon-coated biskit.


Cobbler of the Day - Chock-full of fruit with a top and bottom crust so flaky it makes Grandma proud and Mom jealous. Served with 'niller ice cream.


Mississippi Mud Pie - More excitin' than snuff an' not nearly so dusty!  Rich fudge chocolate pie over a flaky crust topped with 'niller ice cream.


Strawberry Shortcake - Purty as a speckled pup an' just as sweet! Our ol' fashioned shortcake is burstin' with berries and just as full of old-timey goodness.


Chunky Chocolate Charmer - A big ol' blonde brownie topped with niller ice cream, chocolate & caramel, whipped cream 'an a cherry.


Po Sundae - We put a big ol' scoop of 'niller ice cream in a coffee mug an top if off with chocolate sauce, whipped cream an' a cherry. 







Fer young 'Uns

Fer  kids age 10 'an younger.  Includes young 'uns Bellywasher drink.


Kid's Shrimp - Bite-sized shrimp fer the small fry! Includes fries an' hushpuppies.


Kid's Chicken Tenders -  Chicken breast tenders, fries an' a bisket are sho' to put a smile on yore face an' in yore belly.


Kid's Kuntry-Fried Steak n' Fries - A taste of Po-Folks fer the younguns.  Served with rich creamy gravy, fries an' a bisket.


Chicken Little - A chicken drumstick served with fries an' a bisket.


Kid's Burger - Chow down on a burger served with fries an' ketchup. Add cheese fer just a little more.


Kid's Mac n' Cheese - This favorite is served in a coffee cup with a bisket. 


Chicken n' Dumplins - Chunks of chicken with strip dumplins. Sho' is good! Served in a coffee cup with a bisket. 




PoFolks Famous Sweet Tea  *   Pink Lemonade   *  Hot Coffee  *  Soft Drinks







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