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Fried Green T'maters  - You’ll be smilin’ wider than a bullfrog when ya get yore hands on a plate of the tastiest t’maters around! Served with Homer’s Favorite Buttermilk Dressin’ fer dip’n. Ya can afford to dip oft’n fer 


Fried Pickles - A big ol’ basket of dill pickle chips coated with our special batter an’ fried to perfection. Served with Homer’s Favorite Buttermilk Dressin’ fer dip’n. Crunchy an’ dee-lishus fer only 


Fried MushroomsThese here are screamin’ to be dipped in some Homer’s Dressin’. Breaded up an’ fried to perfection, just the way ya got a hankerin’ fer. A real deal at 


Fired Cheese StixCrispy, crunchy outside, ooey, gooey inside. Served with marinara sauce fer dip’n. Eight stix fer a measly


Chicken Livers or Gizzards - Take yore pick!  Dee-lishus breaded morsels of kuntry goodness.


Breadsticks - Freshly baked melt in yore mouth goodness! When ya know ya just can't eat one.  








Lynn Haven, FL
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400 Ohio Ave



Callaway, FL
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339 N. Tyndall Pkwy


Pensacola, FL
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6895 N. 9th Ave



Niceville, FL
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1170 John Sims Pkwy


St. Petersburg, FL

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2001 34th St North



Marianna, FL
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2193 S. Highway 71



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